About Us

N.M.O. is a unique organisation of qualified doctors and students of allopathic system of medicine, covering all the medical colleges & states in India. It aims to organise and motivate allopathic doctors for serving under-privileged sections of the society, settled in the tribal villages & slum areas of this vast country, by the adoption of such areas by individual units and developing commitment of the doctors for this noble cause. N.M.O attempts to develop a good academic atmosphere in the medical colleges through better teacher-student relationship and organising programmes for character building of the medicos.

Aims and Objectives

Mission Statement : ‘Swasthya sewa rashtra sewa’ To create an organisaton based on Bhartiya values and respect for all-Indigenous and other modalities of treatment.

– To create national character, discipline, social binding and selfless service in medical students and doctors in general.

– To foster cordial and respectful relation and better understanding among medical students and their teachers.

– To foster cordial and respectful relation and better understanding between medical professionals and the patients in general.

– To develop respect for ancient Bhartiya values and sympathetic attitude towards the ailments of patients and create confidence for the better future of advanced modern medicine.

– To inculcate interest among the medical students for cenicel and translational research and education pertaining to the society.

– To develop responsibility in the medical teachers for all-round development of their students.

– To develop, co-ordination and cordial relations between various agencies working for betterment of medical ailments.

– Try to develop feeling of social responsibility and a feeling of sacred duty towards the society in various agencies working in the field of health and prevention of diseases.

– To develop health awareness amongst the people and to organize meetings, seminars, symposia, lectures, conferences, discussion groups, training course, exchange programmes, exhibitions and festivals; which support the cause of NMO.

– Try to promote national language in the field of medicine.

– Try to work for development of a medical university in each state.

– To help the government to frame a proper national drug policy.

– To organize programmes and camps for social services and social developments with reference to health of community.

– To celebrate Indian festivals like Diwali, Vijayadashmi, Vaishakhi, and Onam, etc. (as per decision of local branch.)

– To calibrate birthdays of national heroes as per decision of local branch.

– To establish and manage or collaborate in establishing and managing educational institutions and to raise funds for such purposes.

– To raise funds and perform activities for the socially backward and economically weak and physically handicapped patients.

– To take on lease or to accept as gift or purchase or otherwise acquire any structure or property or land or construct buildings which may be necessary for the purpose of the NMO.

– To compensate, reimburse or remunerate any person, body or company for services rendered to or expenses incurred for the NMO or on its behalf. It is to be approved by President/Secretary.

– To explore basic problems of the medical students and doctors in general and to try to find their remedies.

– To help the government to develop proper health policy and to work for necessary changes in the field of medical education.

– To organise conferences, seminars, workshops & educational activities for students and doctors.

– To honour and felicitate medical and dental teachers.

– To work for swadeshi movement in health care system.

– To resort to democratic measures for achieving the above mentioned objects.